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Evexias B Complex

Evexias B Complex

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While the term “vitamin B” may sound like one single vitamin, it is actually an all-encompassing term that covers all of the eight essential vitamins that make up a class of minerals known as the vitamin B complex. Just a single capsule of B Complex is packed with all eight B vitamins and all of their unique contributions and benefits to whole body health. B Complex has the potential to promote optimal overall wellness by supporting a number of different processes in the body, including healthy brain, cardiovascular and metabolic function.

 With the full range of essential B vitamins, B Complex could help support healthy:

  • Nervous system function
  • Muscle tone
  • Hormone production
  • Eye function
  • Appetite
  • Red blood cell development
  • Digestive function
  • Energy production
  • Brain function

Includes 90 vegetarian capsules.


In the world of health and wellness, vitamin B is one of the most common nutrients found in daily multi-vitamins. Even fortified cereals advertise their rich content of this essential vitamin. Yet, the term “vitamin B” can be slightly misleading, because there are actually eight vitamins in the class of nutrients known as the vitamin B complex. While all eight B vitamins can be obtained naturally from food sources, the large number of different vitamins with unique supportive properties makes it difficult for any person to obtain the full daily amount of each vitamin. Each capsule of B Complex contains the full range of B vitamins to optimize overall wellness by supporting a wide array of processes in the body.

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